Darryl Pottorf
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Having traveled the world I had yet to visit Colorado. I've always thought of Colorado as a winter sports heaven, skiing, skating and sleds; winter with cozy fires, warm down coats, gloves, boots and cold noses.

My preconception (this past winter) when I visited Denver, Boulder and Silverthorne were proven to be somewhat off. Yes, it was cold and snowing, but the warmth of the people and their homes was a beautiful experience. The views in and from the mountains were overwhelming and a joyous first trip.

Visiting the museum and staff were welcoming getting me excited about the possibility of doing a show at the Museum of Outdoor Art. To accommodate the complexity of the walls lead me to do about 30 new works to add to my existing work to give a sampling and history of myself and my history as an artist. I am excited to invite you to Colorado, not only because I am having an exhibition but really because I loved visiting Colorado.